Innovative Uzbekistan

A capacity-building project, led by ODB Brussels, Innovative Uzbekistan aims to increase the capacity of civil society organisations working on environmental protection issues in Uzbekistan to perform their role as independent development actors. 

The project activities, undertaken together with New Diplomacy and with local partner EcoForum of Uzbekistan, include the provision of training, international expertise and opportunities to study innovation in the area of sustainable production, resource management, sustainable agriculture and the circular economy.

The role of New Diplomacy is the preparation of the in-person and online training modules on Government Relations, Influencing Policy, and Advocacy and on Working with the Media.

The two-year project was launched in February 2020. Due to travel restrictions and curbs on face-to-face events, the in-person training events may be converted into online events or hybrid events where local participants meet together in Uzbekistan with international experts and trainers engaging with them remotely through an online platform.

Target groups

  • CSO activists from 12 villoyats (regions) of Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, and the Republic of Karakalpakstan working for the promotion of sustainable lifestyles and environmental protection; 
  • Specialists from scientific institutions and academia working in the area of environmental protection, rational use of resources, agriculture, and waste management in Uzbekistan;
  • Representatives of local authorities and public institutions interested in the introduction of sustainable development practices, the rational use of resources, and a transition to the circular economy in Uzbekistan.  

Main project activities

The project partners are developing and conducting a combination of online and offline training programmes for CSOs in Uzbekistan, integrating the experience of international and local trainers. The activities will include:
  • Participatory Community Appraisal/Planning (PCA/PCP) to help CSOs to identify the needs of local communities and jointly look for solutions with other stakeholders;
  • Info-sessions on existing EU and other global initiatives such as the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy and other initiatives aimed at fighting climate change and promoting the circular economy;
  • Government relations (GR)/advocacy and effective co-operation with other stakeholders.
  • Trainings in different regions of Uzbekistan on PCA/PCP to help CSOs and other stakeholders identify the most pressing environmental and economic issues facing local communities and the areas where innovative eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions can be applied to agriculture/resource efficiency/waste management.
  • Launch of Task Force consisting of Uzbekistani CSOs’ representatives, scientific institutions, academia, local authorities and public institutions promoting sustainable development, environmental protection, rational use of resources, green and circular economy.
  • Analysis by the Task Force members of innovation practices on sustainable farming, waste management, and resource efficiency.
  • Publication and dissemination of the results of the Task Force group work to different stakeholder groups in Uzbekistan during a series of events.

Innovative Uzbekistan is being implemented by ODB Brussels (Belgium) in partnership with Eco Forum of Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan) and New Diplomacy (Czech Republic) with funding from the European Union. The content is solely the responsibility of the project partners and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

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