25 October 2016

Fellows from Ukraine and Georgia Head to ZDF, Spiegel Online, and Other Internationally Recognised Media Institutions

Five fellows – three journalists from Ukraine, two from Georgia – have been selected following an open call for applications for the New Diplomacy fellowship programme, Supporting Independent Journalism in Eastern Partnership Countries.

The fellowships (including a five-week placement with a media organisation in the EU) are already underway, taking place between August 2016-February 2017. The host organisations are internationally recognised media institutions, namely Hamburger Abendblatt, Spiegel Online, and ZDF public television in Germany, DELFI/Lithuania Tribune in Lithuania, and Eastbook.eu in Poland.

The fellows were selected by a three-person programme committee from a total of 19
applicants that met the eligibility requirements for the fellowship. The call was launched in May 2016, and open until 20 June 2016.

The five selected fellows are:

Yana Biliaieva, MYMEDIA and Detector Media, Lviv, Ukraine
Host organisation: ZDF public television, Mainz, Germany
Thematic focus: Russia's influence in Germany, media reform for Ukraine.

Yuliana Romanyshyn, Kyiv Post, Ukraine
Host organisation: Spiegel Online, Hamburg, Germany
Thematic focus: Refugee crisis in Germany alongside IDP experience in Ukraine, focus on data visualisation and media standards.

Olena Solodovnikova, Road Control newspaper, Ukraine
Host organisation: Eastbook.eu, Poland
Thematic focus: Release of hostages in Eastern Ukraine and the propaganda war; comparative reform of coal industry in Poland/Ukraine.

Levani Tchikadze, MA student (Journalism & Media Analysis in Kaunas, Lithuania), Georgia
Host organisation: DELFI/Lithuania Tribune, Vilnius, Lithuania
Thematic focus: Pro-Russian tendencies in Lithuania.

Eter Turadze, Batumelebi newspaper, Batumi, Georgia
Host organisation: Hamburger Abendblatt, Hamburg, Germany
Thematic focus: Refugees in EU.

Applications were open to journalists from Eastern Partnership countries, or journalists working for independent or public service media outlets in the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine). Freelance journalists were also welcome to apply.

New Diplomacy's Independent Journalism Fellowship for Eastern Partnership Countries is an initiative to raise standards of journalism covering the post-Soviet space, in particular the Eastern Partnership countries. This will be achieved by a programme of mentoring journalists from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan or Belarus, including placements of four journalism fellows in EU member states to work with leading broadcast or print media and engage also with independent non-profit organisations working on the post-Soviet space (human rights organisations, independent media associations and think-tanks).

Through mentoring and co-operation, the journalists will also link up with each other to strengthen co-operation of newsrooms in different Eastern Partnership countries in terms of sharing content, and also in formulating and promoting high standards of news reporting, public service broadcasting standards, and regulation of propaganda in their home countries.

The fellowship is made possible with the financial support of the US National Endowment for Democracy.

For full details of the fellowship, click here.

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