18 December 2016

Trolls, Fake News, Kremlin Propaganda - New Diplomacy Fellow to Speak At Eastbook event, Warsaw

Trolls, Fake News, and Other Tools of Kremlin Propaganda - Eastbook event at Duży Pokój, ul. Warecka 4/6 (wejście od ul. Kubusia Puchatka), Warsaw - with Olena Vorobyova, New Diplomacy journalism fellow, 18.00-20.00, Monday19 December

Panellists to include:
  • Witold Jurasz (Poland) 
  • Olena Vorobyova (Ukraine)
  • Aleś Zarembiuk (Belarus)
Krzysztof Nieczypor ofEastbook.eu will moderate the event, which is taking place in association with New Diplomacy.

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